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Baby & Toddler Sleep Consultant

Helping families sleep

Helping people with young families to get the sleep they need because good quality sleep is important for growth and development. As an infant sleep consultant it is my privilege to support families to help their babies and toddlers sleep through the night, because being well rested can be life changing! As a sleep specialist I will guide you through a tailored sleep plan which I will design around your families needs to ensure we get the best results possible. Lets work together!

I am a certified infant sleep consultant. I am a mum to a beautiful one year old boy. He is the reason I want to help families struggling with sleep. Having gone through sleep struggles myself I understand exactly what it is like to be sleep deprived and exhausted. So it is my mission to support families to achieve their sleep goals and make for a happy, well rested home!

I'm Charlie-Dee


There are hard days in motherhood. But looking at your sleeping baby reminds you why its all worth it - Kara Ferwerda

Sleep Packages

Newborn Package

For new & expecting parents.

Helping guide you through all things sleep during those precious early weeks.


Rescue Me/AdVice Package

If you are in need of some general advice or help with overcoming a specific sleep challenge.


Email Package

Perfect for you if you are struggling & need the extra support to make some big changes but you have a busy lifestyle and would prefer all correspondence & follow up support by email.


Bronze Package

Perfect for you if your child can self-settle, but you are looking to solve some sleep issues, make some improvements or make some changes.


Silver Package

A fully supportive package ideal for any sleep problems, as well as some of the most challenging sleep issues, such as frequent night wakings.


Gold Package

A fully supportive package ideal for the most challenging sleep issues, such as co sleeping, room transitions & frequent night wakings.


  • What age can I sleep train my baby?
    I recommend that sleep training begins when your baby is around 5 months old, when they become more aware of their environment and their sleep patterns begin to become more consistent.
  • What sleep methods do you use?
    I have trained in a variety of approaches to help you establish and maintain healthy sleep habits for your infant. One method does not fit all, every child and family is unique which is why I tailor my methods to suit your families needs.
  • What is the process for working with you?
    When you work with me, you can expect a personalised plan that is tailored to your family’s needs. We will first discuss your child’s current sleep habits and any concerns you have. I will then develop a personalised plan that focuses on how to best promote healthy sleep habits. This plan will include an assessment of your child’s sleep environment, a review of the bedtime routine, and strategies for promoting healthy sleep habits.
  • How long do sleep training programmes take to work?
    The amount of time it takes for a sleep training programme to work depends on the individual baby, the sleep plan, and the consistency of the parents. Generally, you can expect to see some progress within a few days of starting the programme. However, it can take a few weeks for your baby to develop healthy sleep habits.
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